Friday, October 22, 2010

My FAVORITE Photo Editing Site

My favorite photo editing website is .  This is the site I go to in order to do more than just the basic "crop" and "red-eye reduction" type editing.  I only send a handful of photos here to be edited.  The basic membership is free, the upgraded membership is about $25 a year.   The free membership offers a HUGE variety of edits by itself. 

Lots of editing options:

The editing procedures are very simple to use.  There are many editing options to choose from, and various attributes under each type of effect that allow you to adjust values, colors, strength of edits, etc. 

For example, if you choose to make the photo "Black and White" also have the following options...
  • color filter (you choose from 1000's of color variations and gradients)
  • % fade (from 0-100%)
  • select areas of the picture to remain in color
  • the strength of the "color" areas (from 0-100%)
Next, you can choose to add a vignette...then you have the following vignette options...
  • size (from 0-100)
  • strength of color (0-100%)
  • the vignette color (once again, 1000's of color variations and gradients)
  • and the fade (from 0-100%)
You can add camera effects, touch-ups, frames, text...the possibilities are endless.  The best is so simple and FREE!!! 

Have some fun and give it a try:

There is no program to download to your computer...instead you upload your pictures to their site, edit them, then save the edited pictures back to your computer.  (From there you can send them where ever you want to get them developed, save them on a disc, or archive them however you like.) 

What I will suggest is visit the website, upload a picture, then start playing!  There are so many awesome edits available.  It is also very simple to use.  My favorite section is the "Create" tab then the "Effects" drop down menu.

I hope you give it a try...I know you'll be glad you did!!!

Presently, I have the basic (free) are some of my recent Halloween Edits...

I also used to edit the following photos...

I hope you will give it a try...I promise you'll be glad you did!!!

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