Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Recent Layouts

I haven't posted any layouts in such a long are a few recent ones that I haven't put away into albums yet.  When I saw the stack sitting there, I decided it was time to share them.  Next on my put them all away!!!
I like the look of some of the single page layouts I have seen lately...but I work in double page layouts, so I tried to kind of combine the two styles here.
I decided to try tilting some photos for a change...lately everything I have made has been so linear.
I still love banners and pennants.  I listed 29 things we did on the 29th for this layout.  I typed it onto vellum using the typewriter I bought at a thrift store last month for $7!

I have wanted to try "tone on tone" titles!
This layout was fun since I only had 3 pictures but wanted to make a double page I got to use lots of patterned paper.

I got the little "beaded" bauble at a silk flower shop.

I didn't want to put the photo of this layout on the Internet because it is "potty training" pics...but I like the title and embellishment cluster, so I'll share that!!!
This is one of my favorite layouts in a long time...I think that's because I really like the photos and the supplies I used.

I like the look of these tiny bows...but it took FOREVER to tie them all!
I got a new sewing machine for that sews 60 different stitches.  I used my new machine for the first time on this layout.  I love this scalloped stitch!

Detail shot of the stitching.
I used an old Counterfeit Kit for this one!

I got inspiration for this layout from browsing the gallery on Two Peas---no designer in particular, just inspiration from many scrapbookers.
I love these pictures of the kids eating cookie dough...another layout with an old Counterfeit Kit.
I don't usually use these colors in my layouts, but they matched the photo PERFECTLY!!!

Detail shot of the embellishment cluster.
Oh my, a single page layout!!!  This one is for the final page of one of my albums ;)

Another layout from an old Counterfeit Kit.   I was so excited to take these photos myself of Maddy before her recital.

Detail shot of the embellishments.
I also had fun working on these pictures since I set up this studio in my house for Valentine's Day this year. This was my February Counterfeit Kit.

Detail shot of the embellishment cluster.
Another layout from an old Counterfeit Kit...using my handmade "circle" paper. 

Another layout using an old Counterfeit Kit...I believe this kit was from November 2012.  I LOVE's really too bad they are no longer around.  Thankfully, I bought one of their huge grab bags before they closed their doors!

I added a few embellishments to the "cluster" that was on the patterned paper in order to make it look a bit more dimensional. 
Looking back at all of these layouts, it looks like I only scrapbook my daughter, not my son!!!  But in reality, the layouts are pretty much even ;)  Enjoy!!!